Strategic Planning

Strategic planning enables managers to reach consensus about the initiatives that will have an immediate and positive impact. An explicit action plan provides managers with a tool to keep their teams nimble and efficient. Our method consists of three essential steps:


  • In-depth research regarding the sector, competitors, new technologies and prospective markets;
  • Meaningful surveys of investors, vendors, and consumers;
  • Literature reviews and interviews with subject area experts to inform direction and capital investments.


  • Collaborating with the chief executive officer to articulate a compelling value proposition and subsequent goals for product and pricing, finance, marketing and communications, sales, customer service, management, human resources, information technology and capital improvements;
  • Engaging managers in the creation of an Operating Plan to guarantee transparency and accountability;
  • Facilitating a Planning Retreat to take a team approach to problem solving, prioritizing investments and clarifying internal reporting.


  • Defining the metrics of success so that managers can evaluate and reward individual and team performance fairly;
  • Assessing whether strategic goals are leading to increased brand awareness, customer conversion and retention,¬†and revenue growth.