Management Counsel

On paper, the best business strategies seem sound because they are based on quantifiable results.  But, in practice, people occasionally act in counter-productive ways. Our short-term and confidential process surfaces attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that inhibit an individual from successfully achieving his/her goals and contributing fully to the company-wide strategy.  By freeing one senior executive from limiting assumptions, coaching can unlock the energy and dynamism within an entire organization.

Executive Coaching

  • Ensure managers are effectively communicating their vision to the entire team, partners, and stakeholders;
  • Eliminate arbitrary policies so that the focus is trained on customer satisfaction;
  • Build an executive’s understanding so that he/she can adapt to rapid change without creating undue stress among colleagues;
  • Enhance leadership capacity to bring organizations to the next level of development;
  • Mediate conflicts between partners and among managers and staff members;
  • Plan for succession and ensure a smooth leadership transition from owners to key managers;
  • Optimize Board participation by clarifying distinct roles and responsibilities.