Operational Support

Shedding new light on the business can reveal specific operational issues that are thwarting profitability.  Instituting replicable processes brings clarity and rigor, and, is essential to achieving scale. These are some of the new systems we can help put in place:


  • Budget forecasting and reporting tools
  • Costing and margin analysis
  • Aligning pricing to brand position
  • Embedding policies and procedures for effective controllership

Business Development

  • Devising alternative revenue models, testing assumptions, and refining strategy
  • Defining the human and financial resources necessary to pursue new opportunities
  • Identifying strategic partnerships that would facilitate market penetration

Product Development

  • Refining product and program offering based on a precise value proposition
  • Defining new product and service categories that leverage brand reputation

Brand Positioning

  • Mining consumer attitudes and perceptions to segment the market accurately
  • Mapping the competitive landscape to clarify differentiators that could be leveraged
  • Brand planning to deliver message(s) across print, broadcast, online and event platforms


  • Determining achievable targets for online and bricks-and-mortar sales
  • Defining commission strategy and business rules to incentivize sales
  • Training staff to mine business intelligence about prospects and customers that can impact sales

Customer Service

  • Improving the customer/donor experience by refining service processes
  • Benchmarking loyalty and satisfaction to attract and retain customers

Information Technology

  • Identifying technologies to simplify the workflow and yield cost savings
  • Customizing user interfaces and overseeing staff training on new systems

Human Resources

  • Aligning job descriptions with strategic goals and variable compensation
  • Providing templates for employee manuals, performance evaluation, and other management tools that are employee-friendly and assure clear goals
  • Defining employee policies to mitigate risk and improve internal communication and morale